Why Choose Me?

Why choose me to edit your book?

There are many freelance editors advertising their services these days, and choosing from among them can be overwhelming. I believe that the more you know about a prospective editor, the better situated you are to make an informed choice. Thus, here are some reasons you should consider me for your project(s).


I hold two degrees in English—a B.A. in English Language and Literature from the University of Michigan, and an M.A. in Literature from Eastern Michigan University. I’ve also studied law (University of Michigan Law School) and library science (Indiana University School of Information and Library Science) before embarking on a career as a professional editor.

Perhaps more important than formal qualifications, though, I possess a thorough knowledge of the formal rules of grammar (though I also know when it’s best to break them!). To me, grammar is fun, not tedious. I’ve studied ten foreign languages, from the mundane to the obscure, and language and literature are my lifelong passions.

My areas of special interest or knowledge include: foreign languages (especially French, Spanish, and Latin); Anglo-American law and legal history; medieval and early modern European history; and Victorian history, literature and culture.

I also have a strong knowledge of both Chicago and Oxford styles and am well versed in the special needs of fiction manuscripts.


I’ve edited over 200 titles, including a number of best-sellers, since beginning my career working with independent authors and small presses. I’m well versed in the conventions of fiction writing generally as well as the genre-specific conventions of popular fiction genres such as romance and mystery. Over the course of hundreds of projects, I’ve developed many time-saving editing techniques that allow me to work faster and save clients’ hard-earned money without compromising quality.


My goal is to help you make your book the best possible version of itself. I respect your voice, and I also respect the expectations of readers. I don’t impose my own style on clients’ work; instead, I’ll work with you to develop and refine your voice.

It may sound strange, but when it comes to editing, empathy’s my watchword. I read an author’s work with the reader in mind, but when I edit or comment on a manuscript, I do so with the author in mind—no harsh, snippy or sarcastic comments from me to you. I’m not even tempted, though in real life I’m quite sarcastic.

I’m always 100% honest when I recommend services—no “upselling” of services you don’t need. I’ll never spam you or share your work or your personal information (including pen names) with others, and I’ll never cut corners on my work.


I get the job done well and done on time. Lateness is a perennial problem many authors encounter when they work with editors and other freelancers, but I’m proud to say I’ve never caused an author to miss a publication deadline through my own lateness. I give firm quotes upfront, so there’s never a question as to what you’ll pay. I stay in constant contact and respond to emails within 24 hours (usually much less).

Lastly, I belong to several professional organizations. I’m a member of the Editorial Freelancers Association (EFA); a partner member of the Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi); and a member of the newly formed Association of Independent Publishing Professionals (AIPP).


I do what I love. I edit full-time, not as a sideline to a “real” job or writing career. While I do enjoy writing, I find editing other people’s work much more satisfying. I wouldn’t want to do anything else, and I consider myself extremely fortunate to work with many talented writers of all levels of experience and help them put forth their best work. I love seeing the final published version of a book I’ve worked on and knowing I’ve helped to improve it, and even more than that, I love seeing my clients’ writing improve over the course of multiple projects we work on together.


Affordability is always relative, but while I’m not the cheapest editor available, I strive to provide a high-quality service at prices my clients, many of them independent authors, can afford. For instance, my comprehensive editing service is a great choice for authors who want both content editing and copyediting but don’t have unlimited budgets. I also provide free sample edits so you can try before you buy.